Noise Control

The subject of noise, both in terms of nuisance and health & safety, has been gaining interest in recent years with local authorities and HSE becoming ever more sensitive to the issue and stricter in their enforcement of noise limits. The cost to a business of falling foul of the regulations can be disastrous, but help is at hand.

Using Local Authority approved equipment we can handle most noise problems, whether they be noise escape, limiting, noise at work or control, live music, DJ or recorded music, there is always a solution which can be found.

Careful design in the first instance can take care of most issues. Failing that fitting of an approved noise limiting device can show demonstrable proof to the authorities that sound control limits are being adhered to. As we are council approved we are able to negotiate on your behalf with Environmental Health to ascertain the problems in detail and then deal with them.

One piece of free advice – if you know or suspect that you may have an issue, DON’T wait for the noise abatement notice to arrive, be pro-active.