About Us

Leamington Sight & Sound offer an all-encompassing design, installation and maintenance service across all areas of commercial and professional lighting, audio and video systems, special effects and architectural lighting. Established in 1984, our experience in the industry, coupled with our dedication to customer service has made us the nominated supplier of choice for the following sectors.

  • Education
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Private and corporate sectors
  • Places of Worship
Pubs, Clubs Bars and Restaurants
At Leamington Sight and Sound, we recognise that no two venues are alike and we take pride in designing and installing tailored integrated music and video systems. Whether you run a chic wine bar, town centre nightclub or sophisticated restaurant, you can rest assured that we can cater for your needs. From discrete background music systems to multi- zoned venues incorporating DJ and video equipment, large screen televisions, karaoke and live music facilities, we can provide a solution that matches your requirements and budget. We have considerable experience in architectural or decor lighting too, using colour scrolling LED lights to colour wash walls, or illuminate external features.
In addition to designing and fitting sound systems we can also help with the problems they may cause. With local licensing authorities becoming ever more sensitive to the issue of noise nuisance and enforcement of noise limits, we can advise on measures to avoid falling foul of license conditions, whether via acoustic solutions at the design stage or by fitting an approved noise limiter. Being council approved we are able to negotiate with EHO on your behalf thereby relieving you of that particular headache.

Live Music Venues
Our expertise in this field was recently recognised nationally when one of our clients won the prestigious Music Week ‘Live Music Venue of the Year’ award, in no small part due to the quality of our sound and lighting system installations. General Manager, Colin Bannisters' considerable experience in the field of sound engineering, both for live tours and as senior recording engineer, gives us an unrivalled understanding of the issues facing live music venues.
Schools and colleges
We offer have multipurpose sound systems and lighting rigs that are suitable for performing a wide variety of functions. We are able to design and install systems capable of dealing with the complex demands of staging professional standard drama productions, whilst being equally functional for lessons, prom parties or school assembly use.

Places of Worship
Church sound systems pose a unique set of challenges, to produce sound quality and clarity within the constraints of existing acoustics, whilst remaining sympathetic to the aesthetics of the venue. Our considerable experience in this field, coupled with our ability to source from a wide range of specialist equipment suppliers and manufacturers, means we are ideally placed to fulfil your brief.

Ian’s interest in electronics developed when he was around 10, and he was caught by his dad taking the family valve radio apart. Fast forward to '84, 6 years further education and some years experience under his belt he launched Leamington Sight and Sound; a place for disco gear, sound systems, lighting and everything in between.
Setting up a business in this industry thrust Ian into contact with some of the people he had only read about; inventors, designers and manufacturers of famous sound systems, lighting, TV and Pyrotechnic effects of the time. Doing jobs within the industry soon saw him with a qualification in pyrotechnics giving him great insight into Health & Safety.
Whether it's a club, pub, restaurant, board room or showroom, he really doesn't mind, if it’s making sound, light and video all talk and do their job, he's in his element. This isn't a job, it's a way of life.

Beginning his sound engineering career working with bands in and around Birmingham in 1977, progressing through from road crew to sound engineer and ultimately Tour manager, he covered all aspects of audio-visual equipment from pub gigs to major festivals.
Taking a break from the “live scene” in 1992, he took up a senior recording engineer’s position at Speakeasy Digital, one of Singapore’s premier recording studios.
Moving back to the UK in 1995, and after completing several more tours, it seemed the next logical step was the natural progression to the install industry, as this was where the cutting edge of digital technology was happening, including BSS Soundweb and Yamaha DME, along with the full range of digital mixing consoles.
Firstly working as an engineer, then as Project Manager, Colin made the easy transition to General Manager after joining LSS in April 2006.
Successfully overseeing many install projects to date, including several key projects in Leamington, (see case studies) Colin continues to take great pride and pleasure from the installations he oversees, no matter what the size.