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Another city centre bar with 3 floors sound system fully restored for great sound

21 November 2016

From: ] Sent: 14 November 2016 10:50 To: Service <> Cc: Regional Property Managers <>; First Line Maintenance Helpdesk <> Subject: Positive Feedback - Leamington Sight & Sound Good morning, We have received positive feedback with regards to the works... read more

Tenpin, Nottingham

09 May 2016

After being called in to investigate issues with their sound system, we have re-vamped the entire set-up to now get even coverage and great sonic quality.  Replacing the old amplifiers with Crown XLi 2500's, re-configuring all the speaker cabling and generally sorting out the EQ we... read more

Abbey Hill Church

01 April 2016

Two AKG CGN99 Condensor Lectern microphones and one AKG presenter wireless system for Abbey Hill United Reform Church in Kenilworth to replace their existing and very old dynamic mics. Sounds so much better and a nice way to round off Easter. read more

Big Screen Installation

12 February 2016

A 3 metre screen, ceiling mounted speakers and a high powered projector for City Electrical factors new training facilty in Redditch. read more

Brand New Toy

27 January 2016

Another exciting day at the office with new toys to play with. See what we've done to while away the hours at   read more

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